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Products with this logo conform to the Hi-Res Audio standard defined by the Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under license from the Japan Audio Society Outdoor headphones with microphone
  • Supports High Resolution Audio
  • Closed acoustic architecture with custom designed 40mm high power driver
  • Sophisticated aluminium housing provides a rigid metal cabinet to eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Detachable twisted tangle-free cable with in-line control
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High Resolution Audio is supported on the H500M headphones, providing an exceptional listening experience. Hear every nuance recorded in the studio from sound quality that surpasses CDs. An ergonomic design ensures comfort, and a detachable cable offers convenient in-line control and mic for easy switching between music and calls.

High Resolution Audio

Hear new depth with High Resolution Audio. Sampled at a higher bit depth and sampling rate than CDs, High Resolution Audio reproduces wider frequencies to help you hear more of your music. H500M headphones optimized for High Resolution Audio will play back these files without degradation, guaranteeing a crisp, detailed and flawless listening experience.

Pure precision

The Onkyo sound signature is clean, clear and precise. The H500M’s 40mm high power driver is fine-tuned to deliver crisp details and subtle nuances in your music. To maintain audio purity, advanced headphone housing construction eliminates unwanted vibrations for extended treble response. Engineered for precision and performance.

Comfort and clarity

H500M headphones feature a sturdy housing that provides both durability and lightweight wearability. Deluxe ear cushions provide an ergonomic fit, delivering comfort while ensuring the ear shell creates an acoustic seal. This keeps the details of your music in, and unwanted noise out.

H500M Outdoor headphones with microphone
H500MB/00; 6925970751100
H500MB/11; 6925970751117
H500MW/00; 6925970751124
H500MW/11; 6925970751131
H500MB/27; 889446100556
H500MW/27; 889446100563
[ Sound ]
40mm high power driver
7Hz - 40kHz
[ General ]
Detachable 1.2m long twisted cable
[ Packaging ]

How to clean the product?

Use a soft cloth (dampened with a minimum amount of water or diluted mild soap if necessary) to clean the product. To avoid damage or malfunction: Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives. Do not submerge the product in water. The headphone shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.

Any tips for better maintenance of the earphone/headphone?

Below are some tips for better maintenance of the earphone/headphone:
When using the earphone/headphone:
Keep the cable untangled. Do not pull the cable. Do not hold the headphone by the cable. The weight of the headphone tends to pull and damage the cable if you hold it by the cable. Avoid bending the cable at 90 degree. Bending may strain the connection inside the cable. Avoid physical impact on any part of the product. Do not overstress the headband; otherwise it may be permanently deformed.
After using the earphone/headphone:
Unplug the earphone from music player. When you unplug the headphone from a music player, grip on the connector and gently pull the connector from the music device. Do not pull by the cable.
Before storing the earphone/headphone:
a) Loosely wrap the cable around your hand, leaving about 10cm hanging off the end.
b) Take the cable away from your hand.
c) Wrap the remaining length of cable around the middle of the bundle.
d) Place the earphone in a protective case or pouch. Store the earphone in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Clean the earphone/headphone if necessary: If there is dirt or oxidized material on the connection plug, carefully clean the connection plug with a dry soft cloth. If there is ear wax in the earphone, clean it before it get into the mesh. Otherwise it may block the acoustic channel.

Is there a tip when I connect the product to a mobile phone?

Make sure the plug is fully connected to the jack on the mobile phone. Otherwise, some abnormalities such as sound output coming from only one side; or in-line control (if any) being not able to function, etc. would occur. 

£129.99 Where to buy
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