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Products with this logo conform to the Hi-Res Audio standard defined by the Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under license from the Japan Audio Society In-ear headphones with microphone
  • Supports High Resolution Audio
  • Semi-closed acoustic architecture with custom designed 13.5mm high power driver
  • Sturdy aluminum housing provides a rigid metal cabinet to eliminate unwanted vibrations
  • Twisted tangle-free cable with high quality in-line control
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The lifelong Onkyo pursuit of audio purity shines with the E700M. Offering greater-than-CD sound quality, high resolution audio files that reveal subtle details in your music. Designed for optimal comfort and mobility, E700M headphones bring you an outstanding listening experience no matter where you are.

High-resolution audio

Hear new depth with High Resolution Audio. Sampled at a higher bit depth and sampling rate than CDs, High Resolution Audio reproduces wider frequencies to help you hear more of your music. E700M headphones optimized for High Resolution Audio will play back these files without degradation, guaranteeing a crisp, detailed and flawless listening experience.

Pure precision

The Onkyo sound signature is clean, clear and precise. The E700M's 13.5mm high power driver is fine-tuned to bring out crisp details and subtle nuances in your music. To maintain audio purity, the headphone housing has been built to eliminate unwanted vibrations. Engineered for precision and performance.

Comfort and craftsmanship

With a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium housing, E700M headphones are designed for long wearing comfort and durability. Comply™ foam tips and ergonomically shaped silicone caps in 3 sizes ensure an optimal custom fit, while providing superior noise isolation. The twisted tangle-free cable and in-line remote and mic provide easy, hassle-free handling.

E700M In-ear headphones with microphone
E700MB/00; 6925970750905
E700MB/11; 6925970750912
E700MW/00; 6925970750929
E700MW/11: 6925970750936
E700MB/27: 889446100457
E700MW/27: 889446100464
[ Sound ]
13.5mm high power driver
6Hz - 40kHz
[ General ]
1.2m long twisted cable
[ Packaging ]
3 pairs silicone caps (Small, Medium, Large)
1 pair Comply™ foam tips
Carrying pouch

Any tips for wearing the ear buds to get optimal sound?

First of all, choose a correct size for the ear cap for your ears. Fix the ear cap onto the earbuds. Then, follow the steps below to wear the earbuds:
a) Loosen your jaw slightly by slowly opening your mouth. You can repeat this action for a few times until you find your jaw has been loosened and not as tight.
b) Tilt your head to one side (say, to your right). Insert the tip of the earbud to your left ear into your ear canal slowly.
c) Turn on music for your earphones. Set the volume at a level that you can hear, but not loudly. Adjust the position of the earbud until you can hear a more focused sound. This is the “sweet spot” where the earbud is pointing at the eardrum.
d) Repeat the above step for your other ear.
Note: For hearing protection, do not listen to loud volume for a prolonged period. Seek medical advice when in doubt.

How to clean the product?

Use a soft cloth (dampened with a minimum amount of water or diluted mild soap if necessary) to clean the product. To avoid damage or malfunction: Do not use any cleaning agents containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives. Do not submerge the product in water. The headphone shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing.

Any tips for better maintenance of the earphone/headphone?

Below are some tips for better maintenance of the earphone/headphone:
When using the earphone/headphone:
Keep the cable untangled. Do not pull the cable. Do not hold the headphone by the cable. The weight of the headphone tends to pull and damage the cable if you hold it by the cable. Avoid bending the cable at 90 degree. Bending may strain the connection inside the cable. Avoid physical impact on any part of the product. Do not overstress the headband; otherwise it may be permanently deformed.
After using the earphone/headphone:
Unplug the earphone from music player. When you unplug the headphone from a music player, grip on the connector and gently pull the connector from the music device. Do not pull by the cable.
Before storing the earphone/headphone:
a) Loosely wrap the cable around your hand, leaving about 10cm hanging off the end.
b) Take the cable away from your hand.
c) Wrap the remaining length of cable around the middle of the bundle.
d) Place the earphone in a protective case or pouch. Store the earphone in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Clean the earphone/headphone if necessary: If there is dirt or oxidized material on the connection plug, carefully clean the connection plug with a dry soft cloth. If there is ear wax in the earphone, clean it before it get into the mesh. Otherwise it may block the acoustic channel.

Why do I get a small electrical static shock from the earphones?

The sensation is due to the small electrostatic discharge from the earphone. This is not dangerous. Having this sensation does not necessarily mean the earphone or the music player has problem. This small electrostatic discharge is similar to that which gives small shock sensation when you step on a rug and touch the doorknob in winter. When you touch the doorknob, the static electricity discharges through your hand. In the case for earphones, the static electricity discharges through the earbuds. Following are some tips to minimize electrostatic buildup and discharge from objects: Increase the humidity level in the indoor environment. Using a humidifier is an option. Spray anti-static spray into the air. Wear clothing made of natural fibers as far as possible. Synthetic fiber tends to pick up static charge. Minimize rubbing the music player and the headphones with other objects to minimize static charge buildup. If your skin is very dry, use anti-static hand lotion.

£74.99 Where to buy
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