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Products with this logo conform to the Hi-Res Audio standard defined by the Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under license from the Japan Audio Society Hybrid architecture in-ear headphones
  • Supports High Resolution Audio
  • Closed acoustic architecture with dual balanced armature drivers and 6mm high power dynamic drivers
  • Combination of aluminium and reinforced plastics form a sturdy, lightweight yet compact housing design
  • Comply™ foam tips and ergonomically shaped silicone caps in 3 sizes to ensure comfortable fit
£319.99 Where to buy
Building on years of audio expertise, the E900M headphones are one of the most advanced in-ear headphone oerings available today. Its dual balanced armature drivers and 6mm dynamic drivers allow it to deliver crisp details and subtle nuances from both high resolution and standard audio sources. A complementary three-way hybrid acoustic architecture balances the low, middle, and high frequencies, making the bass sound fuller while still being precise and articulated.

High Resolution Audio

High Resolution Audio (HRA) files bring you as close as possible to the original studio master recording, with a wide frequency bandwidth and a high dynamic range that exceeds the capabilities of the 16bit/44.1kHz CD format. Onkyo has taken an end-to-end approach that encompasses the Onkyo HF Player app, Onkyo Music downloading service and the acoustic design of Onkyo’s HRA headphones. This ensures no weak links in the audio chain and allows Onkyo to faithfully reproduce complex HRA files, enabling you to hear every subtle detail of the original studio recording.

Pure precision

The ultimate listening experience is created through a combination of a hybrid 3-way dual balanced armature and dynamic drivers. The balanced armature drivers create a clear mid-range with exceptionally high frequency detail and extension. Each 6mm dynamic driver delivers deep and precise bass without compromising on sound. Sound purity is further enhanced through the use of twisted low impedance oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables.

Premium craftsmanship

E900M’s modernized gold and black design reflects the classical designs of traditional musical instruments, emphasizing their ability to create a quality listening experience. At the same time, the combination of aluminium and reinforced plastic housings are designed for long wearing comfort and durability.

E900M Hybrid architecture in-ear headphones
E900MB/00; 6925970750943
E900MB/11; 6925970750950
E900MB/27; 889446100471
[ Sound ]
Dual balanced armature driver
6mm high power driver
5Hz - 40kHz
[ General ]
Detachable 1.3m long low impedance, oxygen-free copper twisted cable
[ Packaging ]
3 pairs Comply™ foam tips (Small, Medium, Large)
3 pairs silicone caps (Small, Medium, Large)
Carrying pouch

£319.99 Where to buy
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