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Hi-Res Audio explained

Discover high resolution audio

Hi-Res Audio explained

Closer to the studio recording

High resolution audio brings you as close as possible to the original studio master recording, with a wide frequency bandwidth and a high dynamic range that exceeds the capabilities of CD and lossy formats such as MP3.

Retaining the details

High resolution files played on a Hi-Res Audio system retain the subtle details usually lost when using lower resolution formats. Benefits include improved bass timing and tightness, extra high frequency definition and detail, more open spatial sound and an improved overall perception of realism.

A new standard in audio

Japan Audio Society's Hi-Res Audio logo

The Japan Audio Society (JAS) and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) have developed stringent criteria for using the Hi-Res Audio logo. Products with this logo conform to the Hi-Res Audio standard defined by the Japan Audio Society. This logo is used under license from the Japan Audio Society. Headphones, speaker drivers and amplifiers credited with the Hi-Res Audio logo must produce a bandwidth of 40kHz and digital inputs and processing must be capable of handling at least 24bit/96kHz.

Detailed JAS standard criteria

The superior digital format

This diagram shows the spectrum of popular audio formats from less detailed lossy, to lossless CD and up to high res audio

The audio quality of files ranges from lossy formats, such as MP3, to high resolution files. For playback equipment to be eligible for the Japan Audio Society's logo, products must support a minimum of 24bit/96kHz.

The optimal high resolution audio experience

Achieving the highest quality audio playback requires both the source file and the audio system to support the high resolution format.

Creating a high resolution file

Playing back a high resolution audio file

Onkyo pure sound

Set-up options